Avoiding Spring Allergies

No, we’re not trying to mess up your day by reminding you of spring allergies, but we are encouraging you to do something about it now! What most people don’t realize about allergies is that they happen when the body is not prepared to handle a large amount of foreign matter in the environment, such as spring pollen. If you want to avoid sniffling and sneezing your way through spring this year, here’s an easy fix. Add the following New Earth (formerly Cell Tech) products to your daily regimen now and keep taking them all through allergy season to experience relief from allergy symptoms:

    Enzymes break down the irritating shell that surrounds each pollen molecule. This prevents your body from going into a histamine overdrive. Take 2 with each meal and 2 between meals.
    Wheat sprouts are powerful antioxidants that help your body cope with all the extra pollen in the air, moving it through your system without a lot of allergy symptoms. Take 2 three times a day.
    When you’re gut is functioning properly, everything else works smoothly. Probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus help keep your gut in healthy, working order, which is the basis of total immune health. Take 2 acidophilus in the morning and 2 bifidus at night.

The key is to take these products before and during allergy season. By getting a jump start on your allergies, you can avoid symptoms altogether. You can order all these products online at Prosperity Abounds:


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