Becoming Financially Literate

We were recently approached by a young woman who wanted to begin building her wealth at the tender age of 18. She knew that she didn’t want to work at a regular job all her life, and wanted to start taking the right steps now to build her financial independence. As we talked with her, we came to the conclusion that her first step would be to educate herself about finances and the world of money.

It turns out that financial literacy is one of the most important steps for any of us to develop wealth. Many of us know that we would like to be wealthier, but we don’t necessarily know how we’re going to do that. Are we going to invest in the stock market? Mutual funds? Sell on eBay? Go into network marketing?

Before we can decide how we’re going to build our wealth, we need to first know something about the world of money. We need to know how to tell the difference between an asset and a liability, between revenue and profit, and between active and passive income. Once we know what these things are, then we can make some active decisions about how we want to create wealth and financial independence in our lives.

So how can you become financially literate? One of the fastest ways to educate yourself about the world of money is to start reading books by Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote the simple-to-read and radically shocking book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” We say it’s radically shocking because it shocks most people out of their old habits and thoughts about money. It’s a life changer. He’s also written a number of other books about investing, network marketing and cash flow.

How can you educate yourself if you’re cash poor at the moment? Go online to used bookstores and buy his books used. You may also be able to find his game, Cashflow 101, online for less money. This game gets you into the swing of thinking like a wealthy person, which helps you actually attract the wealth you desire! Use these links to get started buying Kiyosaki books and materials:


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