Close Encounters With The Flu

This past week I visited a friend’s house. As we visited several shops and people’s houses I noticed that at least 50% had either already had or currently had the flu. Everywhere we went people were sick with the flu, some for weeks at a time!

My friend and I worked very hard throughout the week on a number of projects that required our total attention and focus, plus some heavy duty physical work. At the end of the week, both of us were tired but happy to have completed so much.

During the drive back from her house, I noticed a slight tickle in the back of my throat. I also felt slightly tired and lightheaded. By the time I actually arrived home, my throat had started hurting and I wondered whether I might be getting the flu.

I had kept up with my usual algae regimen during the week, including probiotics morning and night, both forms of algae, with and without the cell wall, during the day, and Q10 at night. As soon as I walked into my house, I took 1 immune support supplement and 6 acidophilus and drank plenty of water.

Six hours later I repeated the dose of the immune support supplement and acidophilus. I went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling much better, and by that evening, I had completely recovered. I was amazed considering that most people had the flu for weeks.

I’ve always known that bluegreen Algae helps me stay healthy, but this close encounter with the flu really helped me see the immediate benefits of a strong immune system supported by organic whole foods from New Earth (formerly Cell Tech)!

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