CoEnzyme Q10

Did you know that CoEnzyme Q10 actually nourishes the spirit and replenishes joy? The role of CoQ10 in our bodies is to activate the energy production part of us, the mitochondria in each and every cell in our body.

Our greatest store house of CoQ10 is in the muscle tissue of the heart, and CoQ10 revitalizes the heart itself. In Chinese medicine, the heart is the kingdom of the shen, our true spirit. It is said in ancient texts that when the shen is properly nourished and undisturbed our bodies and minds, our beingness, is properly guided by our shen and we can easily maintain inner control. Our lives are in balance.

Also the positive emotion of the heart is joy, whereas out of harmony, the heart expresses lack of joy, which we in present times often refer to as depression or anxiety. So when the heart is richly nourished, so is the shen, and we in turn benefit by having an abundance of joy.

CoQ10 from New Earth is available from Prosperity Abounds at

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