Conquering the Top 10 Fears About Wealth

The Top 10 Fears about wealth are the feelings that keep us from being wealthy. Do any of the items on this list strike you as familiar? Remember that you have to first know your fears before you can overcome them. So here goes.

  1. If I have a lot of money, I’ll spend it all. I’ve done it before – Education is the key to getting around this fear. When you know how to invest your money properly, and when you are aware of what it will bring you (financial freedom), you’ll be more focused on taking the right action steps to create and preserve wealth.
  2. When I’m wealthy, who will be my friends? My current friends don’t have money and aren’t looking to be wealthy – Relax, you never have to compromise friendship, even when you’re wealthy. You might not keep the exact same friends, but you’ll develop new friends as you begin to create wealth. You attract friends based on who you are, not how much money you have.
  3. Being wealthy is a big headache. I can’t keep track of all the taxes, fees, expenses and accounts – Being wealthy means not doing everything yourself. To develop wealth, you’ll need to bring together a team of people to work with. You won’t have to keep track of everything yourself – that’s what accountants, lawyers and business managers are for.
  4. People will judge me if I’m wealthy – Most people who judge wealthy people are either jealous or have no understanding of wealth. People worth knowing will judge you by who you are, not by how much money you have.
  5. People will take advantage of me because I’m wealthy. I’ll always get overcharged – Remember that wealthy people know more about where and how they spend their money than anyone else. When you’re wealthy, you’ll know the value of what you buy, and choose those things which are worth what you pay.
  6. I’m afraid to go for wealth because I’ve tried so many things in life and failed. Failure hurts too much – You’d better get used to failure. Wealthy people have just as many failures as non-wealthy folks; they’ve just learned to get past those failures and keep moving.
  7. I’m afraid that wealth will change who I am – Wealth by itself doesn’t change who you are or how much you care about others. In fact, wealth can give you the means to help others who are less fortunate. The only reason you might change is if you think more money makes you a better person. If you are afraid that wealth will change who you are, you’re not likely to fall into that trap.
  8. Most religions say that the love of money is the root of all evil, and that it’s not spiritual to be wealthy – So long as you keep money in its appropriate place, behind the morals and values that make you an ethical, spiritual person, you have nothing to fear. No matter your religion, remember that you still live on the physical plane where money is the way we currently exchange energy and effort.
  9. People might only like me for my money – Being wealthy takes a great deal of discernment and savvy. If you create wealth for yourself, you’ll know which people like you for your money, and which like you for who you are.
  10. Life might become dull and boring when I’m wealthy and have nothing more to work for – While it’s possible that you might be bored, remember that boredom is a choice. You can be bored with any level of income, not just when you’re wealthy. Wealth gives you choices, so you’re less likely to be bored when you’re wealthy than when you’re not.

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