Creating Virtual Wealth

In a world of virtual reality, virtual dating, and virtual businesses, why not create some virtual wealth for yourself? Actually, in the manifestation process, everything has to go through a “virtual” phase before it can become physically manifest in our world. So, if you want to create real wealth in your life, a good place to start is with virtual wealth.

Here’s a little exercise that can really get your creative and manifestation forces flowing. Write a story about creating wealth in your life. The key to this story is that you’re not projecting into the future (which a lot of us have a hard time believing), but you’re writing as if you are one to three years into your future and looking back on the process. You write the story in past tense, as if it has already happened, and this makes it more real. Write about where you are in the future-what kind of wealth you have, how you live, how you do your business and so forth. Then write about how it all happened. “It all started out.” describes where you are now. Detail the people you met, the events that happened, the opportunities that came along, the struggles you overcame, the lessons you learned and more. Write your story as richly as you can imagine.

Once you’ve written your story, it’s on its way to becoming a reality. The key to these kinds of stories is that they make us feel as if we have already achieved everything we’ve written about. It leaps the hurdle of doubt in a single bound, and doubt is one of the biggest hurdles of all. When we write a story about how we have already created wealth, a story that looks back on something that has already happened, we have an easier time swallowing the whole thing. It feels not only more possible, but also like a “done deal.”

In a way it’s silly to trick ourselves this way, but the human psyche is a strange and wonderful thing that must be nurtured and fed in certain ways to generate positive manifestation. So, while you’re busily working on the many concrete steps to generate wealth, make sure you also take a little time to feed the creative and inspired part of yourself by writing stories like these. Create some virtual wealth in your life first-it will help the physical wealth flow a lot easier!

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