Digest Your Old Beliefs of Lack

Does it seem like sometimes you just can’t get around your old beliefs about lack and poverty? In fact, does it seem like the more you work on your prosperity, the worse those thoughts about lack get? Most of us have that problem at some time or other.

It’s a well known fact that when you start to work on an issue, particularly a highly charged issue like prosperity, the barriers that have held you back must come up for re-evaluation. That’s why those nattering thoughts of lack often seem to get louder when you start working on your prosperity. It gives you a second chance to evaluate these thoughts and to determine whether you are really ready to let go of them.

One of the best things you can do to speed this process along is to take enzymes. On the physical level, enzymes help you digest your food. By the law of “as above, so below,” on a mental and emotional level, enzymes help you digest and process old thoughts or beliefs so that you can move on. We’ve seen the positive effects with many people. Simply take the enzymes (2-10 per day) with the intent of digesting and releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you. You can order these enzymes (either the regular or super formulas) at:


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