Don’t Dine Without Enzymes

Viktoras Kulvinskas, scientist and champion of natural health, has a favorite saying:

“Don’t dine without enzymes!”

And I don’t. Ever. If I can help it.

Studies show that taking enzymes with meals has multiple benefits, including:

  • better digestion
  • fewer digestive side effects
  • more absorption of nutrients from food
  • less drowsiness after eating

In short, dining WITH enzymes will make your co-workers feel more comfortable around you after a meal (just kidding!) and will also support your digestion so you feel better.

One more note: In order for enzymes to work properly, they have to be able to “survive” the assault of stomach acid and remain active. Some enzymes survive this acidity, some don’t. The enzymes and enhanced enzymes have both been proven via studies to pass safely through stomach acid. It’s a sure bet you are getting all the digestive support you can from these two forms of enzymes.

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