Easy Ways to Recover from Holiday Junk Food

If you eat too much during the holiday season, don’t worry! Here are some simple steps you can take to help your body recover from weight gain, indigestion, and more!

  • GAS OR INDIGESTION: Excess gas and indigestion? Just take 2-4 enzymes to speed up digestion and to get fast relief. Take enzymes with meals to prevent further indigestion.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: To lose holiday fat, add 4-6 enzyme capsules to your diet. It increase metabolism, digests fat, and speeds up cleansing and detoxification. Lose weight quickly without too much effort. Be sure to drink lots of water too!
  • DIARRHEA: Taking 2-4 capsules of bifidus will stop diarrhea in its tracks. It absorbs the excess fluid in the intestines for quick relief.
  • JUNK FOOD OVERLOAD: If you just need to cleanse your system, try taking 2-4 enzymes between meals as well as with meals.

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