Eat Like Your Children

Had it with fad diets, calorie counting and worrying about nutrition? Well, if you want to be lean, healthy and happy, don’t take the adult approach to eating. Instead, watch how small children eat naturally and pick up a few tips from them. If you don’t have any small children around you, here are a few insights to help you get started. Small children (those that are young enough not to be heavily influenced by social pressure):

  • ONLY EAT when they are hungry – They let hunger drive their food intake, not emotions.
  • EAT SMALL PORTIONS and stop eating when they are full – They are much too busy to sit through a huge feast!
  • EAT MORE frequently – Goes with eating smaller portions.
  • MOVE and exercise between meals – Again, much too busy to stay put.
  • TAKE PLEASURE in eating – While we count calories, they’re loving every bite.

Small children are healthy, happy, lean and well-adjusted, AND they don’t know how to count calories. So, if you want to stay lean and sane, take a couple of cues from your children. It’s a lot easier than counting every calorie!

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