Eating Your Way

With new food fads popping up left, right and center, it’s hard to know whether you should eat for your blood type, stick to low carbs, gorge on veggies, or just give it all up and go for junk food! What’s interesting about all of these new diets is how often they are supported by huge marketing machines. While there’s probably real merit to most of these food plans, one does wonder whether we’re being sold a healthful way to eat or just a marketing manifesto.

So what’s the solution? Use your own sense of your body, lifestyle, level of activity and nutritional needs to choose what foods are right for you. Not only do we each have unique, inherited nutritional needs, but we also shift nutritional needs as we grow, move into new careers or lifestyles, change our exercise levels, and age. We also have different needs as the seasons change, and temperatures become warmer or colder.

Take a little time to notice how you feel when you eat certain foods. While it’s good to read about different nutritional plans, rely first and last on your own sense of wellness. If you simply pause to notice how you feel at various times of the day, you’ll see that your body will inform you quite clearly about what it needs. So, no more food fights about diet – eat what feels good to body, mind and Spirit, and leave the rest!

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