Enlightened Wealth, Part II

In Enlightened Wealth: Part I, we discussed the four cash flow quadrants and the need to move from the E or S quadrants (Employee or Self-Employed) to the B or Business owner and I or Investor quadrants. Just to refresh your memory:

  • Es and Ss have their income limited by the amount of time they can work whereas Bs and Is have unlimited income potential.
  • If Es or Ss ever stop working, their income stops whereas Bs and Is get paid whether they work or not.
  • Es and Ss rely on their own efforts to produce income while Bs and Is use leverage and teams of people to produce income. Bs and Is multiply the effects of their work.
  • Es and Ss may or may not have a high income, but they usually don’t have time to enjoy it, whereas Bs and Is have BOTH time and money.

Once you understand the need to move into the B quadrant, you’re next question might be, “What does it take to move into the B quadrant?” Here’s your answer!

Enlightened Wealth, Part II

To move into the B quadrant you’ll need three things:

  1. A lot of courage
  2. Mentors and a strong support team
  3. An asset you can create, build or buy

Now why would you need a lot of courage to move into the B quadrant? Because our parents, schools and authority figures only gave us the values and knowledge to exist in the E or S quadrant. We were taught to get good grades so we could get a steady job that had good benefits. We were taught to value security. AND, we were taught to avoid making mistakes at all costs. All of these values made us great employees and professionals. They also make us unfit to live in the B quadrant.

If your goal is to move into the B quadrant, though, you’ll have to buck the system and get a whole new set of values. You’ll have to learn to evaluate and take risks, develop faith in yourself and make unusual choices. You’ll also have to learn how to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually resourceful. In the process of learning these new values, you’ll probably make a lot of mistakes and have failures along the way. People will laugh at you and tell you that you’re making a big mistake. They’ll tell you to play it safe.

That’s why you need a lot of courage. In addition, you’ll need the help of a mentor who has already walked this path to guide and educate you, and the support of a group of like-minded people who also want to move into the B quadrant. You literally need a life-changing education to move into the B quadrant. Without a mentor and a strong support network, most people stop before they ever take the first step. Remember, our society encourages us to play it safe and stay in the E or S quadrants. To get into the B quadrant, you’ll need help. A network marketing business automatically provides that life-changing education.

The third thing you need to get into the B quadrant is an asset that will produce passive income (or a steady income stream that arrives whether you choose to work or not). There are three ways to have an asset in the B quadrant: you can create it, build it or buy it.

People who create assets include popular rock stars, best-selling authors and geniuses like Michael Dell or Bill Gates. Unless you’re already working on a hot idea, this is probably the riskiest path. You can buy an asset by buying a franchise such as McDonald’s. The problem is that you need between $100,000 and $1 million to buy a high-quality franchise. The third and best option for most people is to build an asset by building a network marketing business. A network marketing business has a low startup cost, usually between $100 and $300, and built in mentors who will give you the life-changing education and values needed to move into the B quadrant – for FREE!

READY TO LEARN MORE? If you want to find out more about the network marketing business, visit our Journey to Enlightened Wealth.

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