Enzyme Therapy for Weight Loss and More

Enzymes are the cornerstones of healing because they are the foundation elements of the immune system, providing active antioxidants that fight free-radical destruction.

Each of us is born with a certain supply of enzymes at birth. As we get older our internal enzyme supply is naturally depleted. A new study shows that a 60 year old has 50% fewer enzymes than a 30 year old. Enzyme depletion, lack of energy, disease and aging all go hand in hand. Unless we stop the one-way-flow out of the body of enzyme energy, our digestive eliminative capacities weaken, obesity and chronic illness set in, lifespan shortens. They faster you use up your enzyme supply, the shorter your life.

What can you do to stop enzyme depletion and all its symptoms? Enzyme therapy! Enzyme therapy adds enzymes back into your system faster than you deplete them, thus building up your reserve. When your body has more enzymes than it needs for just digestion, it uses the extra enzymes for healing, repair and renewal. How do you do enzyme therapy?

  • TAKE ENZYMES WITH MEALS: This ensures that your body has enough enzymes to process all the food you eat. If you eat cooked, processed or genetically altered food (which covers 90% of what we eat), then you need enzymes because these foods have no enzymes. Taking enzymes with food will also prevent gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn, which are all signs of enzyme depletion.
  • TAKE ENZYMES BETWEEN MEALS: When you take enzymes between meals without food, they absorb directly into your body, cleaning up scar tissue, repressing inflammation and promoting healing. They also stimulate the immune system into action.

When choosing which enzymes to use, select the ones with the broadest range (meaning they can digest more types of proteins, fats, starches, etc.) and highest potency. We recommend Simplexity’s E12 and Regular Formula Enzymes. The E12s are very potent, containing cayenne and other substances to increase metabolism, burn fat, digest a broad spectrum of substances, and clean up waste in the body. Choose the Regular Formula Enzymes, which are milder, if you have ulcers or for children and pets. Here’s the formula:

  • Take 2-4 enzymes in the morning upon awakening
  • Take 2-4 enzymes with each meal
  • Take 2-4 enzymes between each meal
  • Take 2-4 enzymes just before bed

Always take enzymes with pure, non-chlorinated water (since chlorine is one of the main culprits that depletes the body of enzymes). Some enzymes clean wounds, dissolve blood clots and control allergic reactions to drugs. Enzymes like protease are used as anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling and pain. Enzyme therapy allows respiratory vessels to unclog, helps degenerative diseases like heart disease, regulates blood sugar and relieves stomach and colon pain. Enzyme therapy also helps prevent muscle soreness and tension after intense physical exercise. It’s a useful and inexpensive way to take excellent care of your health naturally.

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