Five Ways to Stay Slim This Winter

Winter . hot chocolate, fresh baked bread, stew, chili . it’s all about staying warm, curling up in front of the fire, hibernating, and feeling good.

Feeling good is great because it generates endorphins in our system. But how do you feel great this winter without packing on the pounds? Here are some simple steps you can take to stay slim this winter:

  1. DRINK: Water, that is. When it’s cold outside we tend to drink less water and more impure liquids (think: coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot toddies spiked with liqueur). But to move toxins and fat out of your system your body needs plenty of pure water. One simple way to get all the water you need is to drink warm water with a little lemon or sea salt in it.
  2. EAT: More often. Studies have shown that eating more often (every three hours or so) can increase metabolism and reduce body fat. Read “The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin” by Jorge Cruise for great guidelines.
  3. GO GREEN: Wild Blue Green Algae gives you the highest chlorophyll content of any food, and is one of the highest sources of protein. Chlorophyll is essential to helping your body stay efficient, and protein helps your body build lean muscle (which burns lots of calories).
  4. ENZYMES: For a natural and healthy way to keep your metabolism high and your fat content low, add enzymes to your regimen between and at meals. Enzymes help boost your metabolism.
  5. GET CLEAN: Sometimes you just need to clean up your system to stay slim. Try a 3 to 5 day juice fast. Staying clean inside helps you stay lean outside!

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