Get Your Fat Burning Fix To Get Slim

Shhh . no one really wants to talk about it. It’s kind of a secret. No one wants to talk about that “pudgy” feeling we all get after the holiday feasting. And yet, as a New Year approaches and we’re all thinking (some of us guiltily) about how to slim down. No worries! Instead of using guilt as a whip to crack down on your diet, how about sliding into a slimmer body with some of these really simple methods for losing weight and gaining muscle? This article is the first in a series where we introduce incredibly easy ways to transform your body with some fat burning, lean muscle-building fixes!

  • BEER BELLY? Is that really beer in your beer belly? Not really. It’s (prepare yourself for this). undigested food. When your body doesn’t have enough enzymes to digest all the food you eat then the food just accumulates in your gut and gives you a beer belly. To move that food along, add some high powered enzymes to your diet and eat more whole grains (think brown rice, barley, wheatberries . even oatmeal will do in a pinch). The enzymes will help you digest that beer belly and the whole grains move everything out of your system. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your stomach shrinks!
  • EAT MORE OFTEN, WEIGH LESS: Is this really possible? Yes, according to Prevention “weight loss coach” Jorge Cruise, we need to eat every 3 hours or our bodies go into starvation mode and hoard calories. Hoarding calories equals more fat! To avoid this, Jorge has three simple rules: 1. Eat breakfast within 1 hour of rising, 2. Eat every 3 hours, 3. Stop eat 3 hours before bed. Simple right?
  • DIGESTIVE HELP: Need a helping hand with that extra helping you had at dinner? According to the National Institutes of Health, taking high-quality probiotic supplements can block fat absorption, help the body rid itself of fat, and prevent fat storage.

Another way to stay slim is to build lean muscle on your body. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you build the faster your metabolism runs! We’ll explore this in another article.

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