Getting Specific About Prosperity

We all live in such a “more is better” society that sometimes, when we’re working with bringing abundance into our lives, we forget to give the Universe specific information about the amount of prosperity (or dollars) that we want. It’s actually quite all right to tell the Universe specifically what you want in terms of prosperity: how much, how soon and so forth.

In fact, there have been many new traditions springing up (alongside older traditions) that teach us to be clear and open in our communication with the Universe. It is not uncommon in these traditions to ask or even “demand” that the Universe deliver to us that which we want. Many people experience a greater level of personal power and freedom when they realize that the Universe is not a judging entity, but is actually an impersonal source that operates on known laws.

So if you’re ready to get more specific with the Universe about your prosperity, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Give the Universe a specific range of numbers to work with (for instance, $3,000 to $4,000)
  • Give the Universe a time frame in which you want the money (i.e., within the next 3 months)
  • Don’t tell the Universe “how” you want the money to come about-let it be a magical surprise!
  • If you keep asking the Universe and the money hasn’t appeared, ask the Universe to show you where your blocks are in receiving the money. Then keep your eyes and ears open for that communication!
  • Remember, that the Universe always delivers, no matter what! Sometimes we have difficulty receiving so we need to get some help with the receiving end of things. Prosperity, like anything else, takes practice-don’t give up. Abraham tells us that continued attention to the same thing makes a genius. Keep your attention on your prosperity and you will become a genius at it!

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