Gifts of Wealth You Can Give Yourself

If you watch any TV at all, you know that the Christmas season is about spending, spending, spending. The thing is, at the end of all this spending, have you really gotten anything you really want? When the credit card bill comes in January, have you really given yourself any gifts?

If you’re ready to break away from all the holiday hype and really give yourself some gifts that spend all year long, check out some of the gift ideas below. Wealth guru Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”) says that every Thanksgiving he’s thankful to be debt-free and thrifty. This guy has millions of dollars-don’t you wonder how he got there?

Here are some great gifts of wealth you can give yourself and give of yourself:

    Commit to becoming debt-free in the coming year. Whether you need the help of a credit counseling agency, need to cut spending, or need to declare bankruptcy, do what it takes to be debt free. You’ll be thankful all year long.
  • TITHE: 
    Tithing is the principle of giving first, then receiving. When we give the first 10% of our income to a source of spiritual nourishment (such as a church or animal shelter), we will receive tenfold back. It really works. If you’re not sure, start with a smaller percentage and then move up.
    Pick just one thing you’re going to spend less on this holiday and the coming year. Just one thing. Keep everything else the same. Then put the money you save somewhere safe. You can invest it, use if for vacation, or anything else. It’s yours to spend without debt.
    Ask your family to go giftless this year. Ask them to use the joy of their company as the only gift-everyone will be much happier and much wealthier! We instituted this in our family a decade ago and we love it!
  • GIVE:
    Donate some time and attention to a worthy cause. When you give your time, love, compassion, and hope, the Universe will reward your efforts with gifts beyond your imagining. Sometimes people in need value our attention way above our money. Give the real gift of your whole person this season.

You can truly have everything you want in life if you stay centered on your intention to have it. Just don’t get caught up in all the holiday hype-it’s not real and it won’t be around on January 1. Stay focused this holiday season and in the coming year to really give yourself the gift of wealth!

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