Got Milk? Maybe You Shouldn’t

Did you know that humans are the only mammals to drink milk as adults? All other mammals in the world consume milk only as babies. As they grow up, they transition away mother’s milk and start eating solid food.

We’re Not on the Prairie Anymore
We humans, on the other hand, drink milk because our culture has taught us to do so. In the pioneer days, people drank milk because milk was a source of much-needed calories, and thus a valuable resource on the frontier. Unfortunately, we don’t live on the prairie anymore and drinking milk isn’t as good for us as we might think.

Human mother’s milk is good for babies. Mother’s milk provides the baby a great deal of immunity, and helps to populate the baby’s large intestine with the friendly bacteria so necessary for health. Mother’s milk is also high in simple carbohydrates and low in protein, which is ideal for humans.

Humans Don’t Have Hooves and Horns
Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is high in protein. It is especially high in a protein called casein, which calves use during the first six months of their lives to grow hooves and horns. Humans, as you’ve probably noticed, have neither hooves nor horns, so we don’t need the casein. In fact, we can’t digest casein because we lack rennet, which is what digests casein. Instead, the casein builds up as mucous in our tissues and tendons, as well as forming kidney stones and clotting up our blood vessels.

What If You Gotta Have Milk?
So what should you do if you love milk and cookies? No worries. While you should consider limiting your intake of milk, especially if you experience mucous-based symptoms like bronchitis or joint pain, if you just have to have milk then consider taking additional enzymes to “clean up” the mucous in your system.

Consider taking a few capsules of high-quality full-spectrum enzymes (that contain cayenne, if possible) between meals. When taken between meals, these enzymes don’t remain in your gut but move around your body as “scavengers,” cleaning up toxins, mucous, and other junk in your system.

Life should be lived with passion, and if milk and cookies are your passion, then do indulge. Just throw a few enzymes into the mix as well to keep your body healthy and happy!

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