Health Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Save $$ on Supplements

When it comes to buying supplements, the bill can be downright scary, especially people who are trying to cut costs and live frugally. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can cut costs related to your supplements–and that’s exactly what we are going to cover in the health tips offered in this article. Just because you cut costs does not mean you have to cut quality when it comes to your supplements. Just read through the 3 following health tips and see if they don’t seem quite logical (and cost-saving) to you!

Cut Costs Tip #1 – Skip the Weekend

Many people think that they need to take all their supplements all the time. As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and health counselor, one of the most frequent health tips I offer is that the body needs a rest from supplements from time to time. Depending on the supplement, of course, the body can need a break every weekend, one week out of the month, one week every several months, or one month a year. This “taking a break” approach does not, of course, apply to allopathic or Western medications–you need to check with your physician about these. I am referring to wholefood supplements like slippery elm or aloe, blue-green algae, probiotics, etc.

To cut costs and give their bodies a break, many people will skip a portion of their supplements one to two days per week. Whether you can use this health tip to cut costs on supplements depends on your general health, and the reasons you take the supplements that you take. For instance, some people take an energy-supporting supplement like AFA blue-green algae. Since many of these people tend to be less stressed and more rested on the weekends, they feel they can skip a day or two of taking this supplement on the weekend (or at least reduce the amount that they take). On the other hand, I never recommend that people who tend to suffer from digestive ailments skip taking supplemental enzymes on the weekends. As you can see, this health tip to cut costs on supplements is entirely dependent on your overall health, health needs, and health goals. Often, you will know what you can and can’t skip in terms of supplements. If you are not sure, check with your healthcare providers. This approach also works very well for animals and certain whole food supplements that we add to their diets.

Cut Costs Tip #2 – Buy Quality

When you start out with quality supplements, you need to take less to get more benefit. This is best demonstrated with a supplement like probiotics, which are the beneficial bacteria (such as acidophilus and bifidius) that live in your gut and support your digestion and immune response. If you look at price, the least-expensive probiotics are often the ones that are not stored in the refrigerator. Many probiotic capsules are not even “active”–meaning there are no live strains of bacteria in each capsule–when tested in a lab. Other probiotic strains are not strong enough to pass through the acidic environment of the stomach. Finally, still other strains are easily destroyed by stress, chlorinated water, and other lifestyle habits. So when you go to by probiotics, buy the best quality you can get. My two favorite forms are acidophilus and bifidus, both lab-tested and quality approved by experience!

Cut Costs Tip #3 – Common Sense

You know what they say about common sense–it’s the least common item around! Well, when it comes to health tips that cut cost, using your own common sense is one of the best action steps you can take. What do I mean by common sense? I mean the simple stuff. Get some regular exercise, even if you just walk around the block a few times. Eat right–shop for good food and cook it at home. Keep the gut bombs to a minimum. Have fun and laugh a lot–laughter truly is good medicine. Get enough restful sleep so your body can recover and rejuvenate. These are all common health tips that you have no doubt read somewhere and already know. So just put one or two into action, and your body will thank you!

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