Healthy Aging Doesn’t Have to Put a Dent in Your Wallet!

Have you ever noticed that products that are supposed to help with aging gracefully are more expensive than regular products in the same category? For example, skin moisturizers that are for “mature” or “aging” skin can be two to nine times as expensive as moisturizers designed for people in every other age group.

And here’s the really crazy thing: the price of these products, such as moisturizers for aging skin, shoots through the roof just as people transition into retirement and begin to live on less income! Boy does that hit you where it hurts!

The good news is that aging gracefully does not have to stress you out or put a major dent in your wallet. You might be amazed at the number of simple lifestyle habits that you can incorporate into your life that will not only put you on the path to healthy aging, but don’t cost very much. In fact, some of these lifestyle habits don’t cost a single penny … they only require a little of your time, attention, and dedication.

Three Strategies for Healthy Aging That Don’t Cost a Penny!

The funny thing about lifestyle habits that contribute to healthy aging is that they are actually quite applicable to healthy living at any age. In fact, if you were to apply the three following lifestyle habits early in your life, you would find that aging gracefully is a cinch. You don’t have to “learn new tricks” as you age if you practice and stick with healthy habits starting early in life.

Healthy Aging Tip #1: A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way
Experts in exercise science state that to remain healthy, we need to get 30 minutes of daily exercise, regardless of age. Exercise and movement promotes circulation, strength, and flexibility. Life is movement, and the longer you can stay active and moving, the longer you will hold off the effects of aging. Exercise affects the body on all levels, even down to the cellular level. Studies show that exercise can improve the efficiency of energy production at the cellular level. If simple movement on a daily basis can kick start every single cell in your body, imagine how much overall daily energy you will feel! And don’t think that you have to go race around the track or take up kick boxing. Gentler exercises, such yoga or tai-chi, have proven just as effective in keeping you healthy. For instance, a regular yoga practice can keep the digestive tract in good working order, tone up the arms, flatten the stomach, improve muscle tone, increase energy, and increase flexibility.

Healthy Aging Tip #2: Drink the Right Amount of Water
Our bodies are mostly water, so staying hydrated is important to aging gracefully. Just think of your skin. When your skin doesn’t get enough water, it loses elasticity and firmness. The result? Dreaded wrinkles! So drinking enough water is definitely one key to staying healthy as you age. At the same time, you don’t want to drown your body with too much water, as this can overwork the kidneys. If you are not sure how much water to drink, read this article for a simple formula to help you calculate a healthy water intake for your situation.

Healthy Aging Tip #3: Eat Right and Be Merry
Tip #2 above was the “drink” part of the “eat, drink, and be merry” formula for healthy aging! The other two parts–eating and being merry–are also important. As we age, our bodies are less and less able to digest foods. The “gut bombs” we so easily ate as teenagers become a real burden to our bodies as we grow older. So eating right is actually “eating light.” Find out more about how eating light is a lifestyle habit with many health benefits in this article. As for being merry, we all know that laughter is definitely good medicine. Studies have definitively shown that happy people live longer and stay healthier for longer. Whatever it means for you to be merry, go for it. Having hobbies you enjoy, a spiritual practice, or work that you enjoy can go a long way towards aging gracefully.

Now you may read the above tips and think to yourself, “Well, duh!” And you would be right.. these tips are not the stuff of rocket science. They are simple common sense. But at the same time you have to consider that we humans are not particularly good at doing what we know to be good for us. For many years now the top New Year’s Resolution in the U.S. has been to lose weight. For the same number of years, less than 10% of people who make that resolution are still sticking to that resolution by February 1. Does that tell you how little we are able to commit to simple, common-sense lifestyle habits that we know are good for us? At the same time, if you can persist in adding one or more of the above tips to your daily life, you will find healthy aging is a no-brainer.

More Tips for Healthy Aging and Aging Gracefully

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