How to Build Self-Esteem and Bifidus

Did you know that millions of people suffer from low self-esteem, and that some of the most successful people in the world have the lowest self-esteem? And did you know that most of these people don’t know how to build self-esteem?

Amazing … and true.

If you suffer from lack of confidence of low self-esteem, don’t worry. First, you are not alone. Second, there are some simple natural solutions that can really boost your mood and confidence. We call these “good mood foods.”

How to Build Self-Esteem and Bifidus

If you want to know how to build self-esteem there are many ways–everything from joining a Toastmaster’s group to therapy to improving your nutrition. We have found that improving nutrition can really support someone’s mood, confidence and self-esteem.

It turns out that Bifidus (also called Bifidobacterium) can play a key nutritional role in supporting the substances in our bodies that promote health self-esteem. It’s one of the key ingredients in mother’s milk.

Bifidus is one of the biggest sources of immunity during a child’s first two years of life. It’s no wonder that it is present in mother’s milk as well as in the birth canal during birth. This bacteria live mostly in the large intestine (colon). In fact, in breast-fed children, 99 percent of the bacteria in the colon are Bifidus.

On a mental-emotional level, Bifidus is linked with feelings of self-esteem, as well as feeling supported and nurtured in life. Many fearful or depressed people, or people with low self-esteem, often experience a dramatic change when they add Bifidus to their daily regimen.

If you want to know how to build self-esteem, adding Bifidus to your diet is a simple and supportive solution. People lacking in Bifidus either did not get enough during childhood, or the stresses of living have decreased the levels of Bifidus in their bodies. In either case, supplementing with Bifidus can create a strong positive change, both physically and emotionally, and is option for how to build self-esteem.

How to Build Self-Esteem in Other Ways

Many other life practices, aside from taking Bifidus, can help build self-esteem. Consider the following:

  • regular exercise
  • meditation
  • learning and using a new skill (no matter how trivial)
  • reaching out to help another in need (get out of yourself!)
  • finding a single thing to appreciate about yourself each day

That doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? As always, keep it simple and keep on truckin’ the road of life!

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