How to Have Good Skin: 1.6 Million Reasons to Update Your Skincare Regimen

Why is it even important to know how to have good skin? Well, your skin is your largest body organ accounting for 16% of your body weight. The body is estimated to be made of 10 trillion cells, so that would be 1.6 trillion skin cells. ( That’s a lot of skin cells for sure, but so what. Is knowing how to have good skin really that important? You bet!

What Does Your Skin Do For You?

Here’s a few things skin does that might make you realize how important a good skincare regimen is:

  • It helps protect the body from pathogens
  • Provides sensation through nerve endings warning us of things like if something is too hot
  • It conserves our body heat and prevents energy loss
  • Skin protects against fluid loss
  • It stores lipids and water and is a means of vitamin D synthesis
  • It protects the body from losing essential nutrients

Human skin is composed of several layers and is constantly regenerating itself. New skin cells form at the lowest layer and push their way up to the top layer. Between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells fall off every hour ( The dead cells fall off, making room for the newer cells. About every 30 days your body has produced a completely new set of skin.

Naturopathic medicine has long recognized that skin and intestinal health are related. Many times a skin disorder such as a rash or eczema can be traced to a problem in the digestive tract. Concentrating on creating a healthy digestive tract system can support skin health and seeing issues with your skin can give you a heads up that there may be a problem with your intestinal tract.

Natural Solutions for a Skincare Regimen

To support your skin’s health, you can start with supporting intestinal health. Improving your diet with more fruits and vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of pure water a day is a good place to start. Digestive enzymes and probiotics, such as Acidophilus and Bifidus are another way to support good intestinal health which in turn supports skin health.

Acidophilus supports the small intestine which is involved in digestion, absorption, and transport of food. Bifidus is a pro-biotic that creates a favorable environment for the growth of “good bacteria” in the large intestine which absorbs water from food that is eaten and aids the body in removing waste products. Spectrabiotic, from Simplexity Health, contains 8 key “good bacteria” that are microblended with Super Blue Green Omega Sun Algae, Jerusalem artichoke, and an acerola and rose hips blend which all work to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Enzymes such as SBG Zymes and SBG Zymes Plusfrom Simplexity Health, aid in digestion of food so that the body can absorb the nutrients required to build cells, tissues and organs.

To support your skin from the outside, Nutrabeautiful antioxidant lotion with WGP Beta Glucan is an excellent choice for providing nutrition to the skin. With ingredients like vitamin E, organic blue-green algae, and wholesome oils, all working together to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate the skin’s immune system, and help protect against the effects of free radicals, your skin gets a break from the stressors of the environment.

Now that you know how to have good skin, why it is important to keep your skin healthy and how to maintain a good skincare regimen, what are you waiting for? Start now by getting up and getting a glass of pure water and piece of fruit!

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