How to Live Like a King For a Day

One of the prosperity techniques I talk a lot about is having the “feeling” of being wealthy as a way to attract wealth into your life. It’s all well and good to talk about budgeting, scrimping, and saving. but if you’ve ever tried it, you know that it can make you stir crazy. Every now and then you need to break up the monotony of saving with the feeling of spending (even if you don’t actually spend)!

Even when my husband and I can see the money we’re saving piling up in our savings account, we get itchy sometimes and want to really hit the town. Logically, though, we know this is a bad idea and we want to avoid splurging on something we don’t really want, so we came up with the idea of living like a king for a day. The great news is that this plan only costs about fifteen bucks and a little promise not to spend anything more than the cash in our pockets (which is, of course, $15)!

To start the day, we get into our best car (the choice is between a five year old Ford and 1978 Volvo!) and we drive to the ritziest part of town. If we’ve done our planning, we’ll have located a couple of open house showings of homes for sale in that area. We’ll walk through a couple of the open houses. We’ll luxuriate in the deep carpet, rich colors, fresh paint, gorgeous gardens, and fabulous neighborhood.

Next, we’ll hit a couple of furniture or decorating stores, the really fun ones with rich oriental rugs, $3000 sofas, and blinds that cost a fortune. We’ll plan where we will place each new piece of furniture in our new house, and have a ball!

After that, we might visit some specialty stores that cater to our hobbies. I love horses so my store is the tack shop/feed store, where I sit in some fancy saddles, admire the expensive headstalls, and generally immerse myself in the rich smells of leather and oils. My husband will go to the most expensive plant nursery in town, where he’ll busily plot where he’ll plant trees, shrubs, and flowers at our new place.

Finally, after five or six hours of heady fun, we’ll hit a nice coffee shop and order up a couple of latte’s and croissants. We’ll revel in the great visions we had and go home having satisfied that “spendy” part of ourselves. and we’ll have laid out about fifteen bucks on gas and food. It’s the cheapest yet richest date in town!

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