How to Take Supplements and Have Fun with Them!

How to take supplements is a tricky question because everyone has an opinion. Should you follow the latest fad in the health magazine, listen to Dr. Oz, or go with what your doctor recommends? Or should you listen to your own body?

More importantly, how to take supplements so it’s not a chore. Taking supplements can actually be both fun and healthy if you are open to a few innovative techniques.

How to Take Supplements and Have Fun!

If the idea of swallowing a ton of pills each day isn’t your idea how to take supplements in a fun way, then you feel the same way as the majority of people. Luckily, there are ways to take supplements in a way that is wise and honors your body … and can be kind of fun! Here are three suggestions on how to take supplements that might perk you up:

    1. Take What Falls Out of the Bottle: Sometimes taking supplements in a highly regimented way is boring, not to mention unwise. Sometimes your body needs more of one supplement and less of another. One way to “figure out” what you need and when is to simply open the bottle and tip some supplements into your hand. If the number seems reasonable, then take it. Obviously, you would only want to use this approach with nutritional supplements that can’t hurt you. For instance, you can do this with probiotics like acidophilius or bifidus. The same goes forenzymes. You would NOT want to do this with over the counter pain pills or any substance for which intake needs to be carefully contained. However, if you are feeling sore, don’t be surprised if a large number of antioxidant supplements tip out of the bottle. That’s your body telling you that you need some extra antioxidant support.


    1. Take a Day Off: Taking a day off from your supplement regimen can be one way to give your body a little break. When you consider how to take supplements, consider the fact that your body may need a day to “process” all the supplements you take on a regular basis. Some people even take a whole weekend off, every weekend. Play around with this and see what feels best to you.


  1. Change Your Routine Seasonally: Tribally, people have always changed their diet and actions according to the seasons. In more modern times, when it comes to how to take supplements, a lot of us just pick a regimen and follow it. But that’s not always wise. You may need more cooling foods and supplements during the summer months, and more invigorating foods and supplements during the colder months. Take a look at your supplement program and maybe choose a different program for each season.

Most of all, listen to your body. It will tell you how to take supplements. Your body has a lot of native wisdom and all you have to do is hear what it is telling you!

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