Ideas for Prosperity

Thanks to reader Suzanne Spiers for these wonderful, insightful and practical ideas for prosperity and wealth. Enjoy!

  • Make yourself a budget and learn to stick to it.
  • Wealth creation is something that anyone can learn. Compound interest works in a miraculous way and if you have time on your side, then a little wealth can multiply like the loaves and fishes.
  • Discover entertainment that costs little or nothing and discover your local library which is free.
  • Remember: people first and things second. Be as generous as you can and give what you would like to receive. A spiritual principle that really works is to give away some of our money (time, energy etc.) and it will be multiplied bountifully.
  • visualize your goals and write them down.
  • Keep the written goals somewhere and every now and again visualize and affirm them.
  • Dreams are fine but you need to do at least one thing every day to work towards your goal. Put your mind into action.
  • Learn the difference between true need and wanting. When you know the difference then you won’t need to buy so many things which eventually rust, decay or wear out.
  • Cut up your credit cards or lower the limit to $500 which you pay off regularly. Save up for things instead of putting them on credit. If you must have a credit card, have only one at the lowest interest rate that you can find and pay it off every month.
  • Learn to pack your lunch each day and learn to make simple nourishing food rather than have take-away.

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