“It Came to Pass” as a Prosperity Mantra

Do you have a negative situation or experience that you just can’t seem to get out of your life? Whether it’s related to health, wealth, or some other life factor, clearing a negative situation from your life has a lot to do with your point of view. We recently read a wonderful passage from Eric Butterworth from “Spiritual Economics” on how the phrase “It came to pass” can be used in a very positive way with these types of situations. Says Butterworth:

“There is an innocuous phrase used often in the Bible: “It came to pass.” It has a subtle inference that can be extremely meaningful to you. The problem or financial reversal did not come into your life to stay; it came to pass. Whatever the challenge, refuse to be panic-stricken. Life hasn’t ended for you. It flows on in a healing and prospering stream. In the face of any challenge, affirm: I accept the reality of this situation, but not its permanence. The experience is there to be met. There is no use hiding your head in the sand. However, determine to meet it on your terms. Don’t let the outer happening squeeze you into its box, but open your mind to the flow of wisdom and love and good judgment with which you can deal masterfully with it. It has come to pass. Accept it, but accept it as a changing experience that is on its way out. Something better is on the way for you.”

So when something comes into your life that is negative or not what you want, just say to yourself, “It came to pass.” In other words, the situation may have come to teach you something or gift you with certain experiences, but it didn’t come to stay. It came to pass. Enjoy the use of this mantra!

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