Manifesting Too Slowly? Check Your Conflicting Desires!

Ever feel like your manifestations are coming too slowly or not at all? Ever feel like the universe (or God, please use the terminology appropriate for you) is not responding to your wants and desires?

Actually, universal law dictates that the moment we ask for something, it is given. The Bible phrases it as “Ask and ye shall receive.” So why is it that we sometimes don’t get what we ask for? While there might be several reasons, one of the most common is related to conflicting desires. Human beings are complex creatures and thus we have a complex set of desires. Difficulties arise when we present the universe with two or more desires which are in conflict.

For instance, I recently made a decision to choose peace above all else, knowing that a state of peace would yield the highest quality of life for me. Whenever I am faced with a decision, I choose the one which I believe will bring me the greatest peace. At the time I decided to make peace my highest choice, I was working with a corporate client that wasn’t a good match for me and as a result, my peace was limited. However, that same corporate client paid me a large income every month, so while I wanted peace, I also wanted the income. No such luck! Faced with my two conflicting desires – for peace and for income – the universe arranged circumstances so that I parted with that client very soon after.

At first, I was angry and confused, wondering how I could have mis-created so badly. As I reviewed my thoughts, actions and intentions in the previous weeks, I realized that I had made a decision that peace was my HIGHEST choice, above even income. Even so, I failed to see how a significant loss of income could bring me peace. In hindsight, I can now see that in parting ways with that client, I received a new found sense of peace and freedom, plus, my income is back to the same level! The universe, of course, complied with my highest choice and delivered the circumstances that would bring peace.

Tip: If you are asking the universe for something and not receiving it, chances are that you have made a previous request which overrides this one. Check back to see whether you have asked the universe for something in conflict with your current desire. If you want your current desire more, then simply let the universe know that you no longer want the previous request fulfilled. Just say, “Universe, I cancel my request for (state your previous desire). I now want (state your current desire).”

If you can’t find any such conflict, it may be that your current desire is in conflict with a lesson you chose to learn before you came into physical existence. If neither of these options makes sense, ask the Universe to show you the circumstances of your situation: “Universe, please show me in positive ways that I can understand the reason my current desire is not being fulfilled, and what must be done so that it will be fulfilled.” Play around with the asking until you are comfortable. The more you converse with the universe, the more it will respond to your needs and requests.

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