Market For Life

If you’re reading this ezine chances are that you either currently have or are interested in having your own business. Having your own business means that you have to wear all the hats, at least in the beginning, and that includes the marketing hat.

Not sure how to market yourself and your business? Here’s a good way to get started. Spend 2-3 days jotting down everything you know about your product and service into these three lists:

  1. What common problems will you be able to solve with your product or service?
  2. What benefits will people get from your product or service?
  3. Everything else you know about the product or service that’s not on the other 2 lists.

Carry a pad with you and jot ideas while you’re waiting for the bus, buying groceries or chatting with friends. If you keep your antenna up you’ll find that the Universe will bring you all kinds of ideas you never thought of. Alternatively, if you’re always on the go, carry a small tape recorder with you so you can record your thoughts while driving.

Then, take all your ideas and turn them into marketing gems. Here’s how:

LIST 1 –
Turn these into opening questions or headlines that catch people’s attention. People are always captivated by headlines that touch on the problems they are currently experiencing. You can use humor or exaggeration to catch people’s attention.

Turn these items into headlines or a benefits list. This list keeps you focused on presenting benefits to your audience, not just features of your product and service.

Turn these items into the content for brochures, web pages, spec sheets and other materials. Use your information as many times as you can in ebooks, online reports, email short courses, special offers and more.

Ready? Set? Go!

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