Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

As spring and summer approach you might want to get yourself a natural emergency kit ready. Check out these natural remedies and enjoy low cost and effective ways to heal yourself!

  • Whole Bluegreen Algae and CoQ10: 
    Too much partying? Too little energy? Two capsules or tablets of whole bluegreen alagae and two CoEnzyme Q10s will perk you up!
  • Acidophilus: 
    Feel a cold or flu coming on? Take 6-10 at once, then 2 every 2 hours to stop the cold or flu before it starts.
  • Enzymes:
    Take 2 with and between meals to help with overeating, stomach upset, sleepiness after meals or general cleansing.
  • Ume Plum Tar:
    Quickly gets rid of stomach viruses, flus and other ailments. Restores natural ph balance in the digestive tract. Be sure and use tar formula, not pills.
  • Chamomile: 
    Homeopathic remedy that helps release tension and normalize sleep patterns during times of stress. Take 30c strength.
  • Arnica:
    Homeopathic remedy that eases all forms of muscle strain quickly. Take 30c strength.
  • Rescue Remedy:
    Flower essence that helps with any kind of trauma or stress – mental, physical or spiritual.
  • Olive Oil:
    Drink one teaspoon to cure many kinds of stomach upset or constipation. Massage into sore joints to relieve pain and into scar tissue to minimize scars.
  • Glycothymelene:
    An old Edgar Cayce remedy that clears blocked sinuses (snort it) or eases sore throats (gargle it). Hundreds of other uses, too.

You can order Bluegreen algae, CoEnzyme Q10, Enzymes and Acidophilus online.

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