Passion Produces Prosperity

So often when we think about prosperity, it is a reaction to some negative financial state in our lives. Whether the bills are piling up or we’re tired of the daily grind, we often think wishfully of prosperity when we’re up against a wall financially.

While thinking about prosperity is certainly a bright light to hang onto when the chips are down, the problem is that when it’s a reaction to financial woes, we’re generally feeling pretty negative at the time. In other words, we wish for prosperity as a means out of DEBT, to pay off BILLS or to meet our NEEDS. What’s foremost in our minds are the negative ideas of debt, bills and unmet needs. From this situation of pure lack, we can hardly attract prosperity.

So what can we do when the chips are down? Actually, all we have to do is get passionate. You see, our emotions form the pipeline through which prosperity flows to us. When we’re focused on our debt or unpaid bills, our emotions are constricted and tight – and prosperity cannot flow to us. But, when we feel passionate and joyous and happy, the pipeline is wide open and prosperity just comes charging through. The happier and more passionate you are, the more prosperity you will have.

The funny thing is, it doesn’t matter what you do to feel passionate. If you love animals and spending time with your pets makes you feel happy, then when the chips are down, just pet the cat! If you feel passionate about health or fitness, going to the gym or taking a brisk walk can be a winning solution. If you love chocolate, going to a bakery and eating a nice, warm chocolate-filled croissant can lift your spirits enough to open the prosperity pipeline. You don’t need a life change – all you need is a nudge.

So the next time your wallet is running on empty, rather than sacking out in front of the TV with yet another bag of potato chips and sliding into apathy, find something to get passionate about. Whether you see a movie or fly a kite, anything that gets your emotions positively moving WILL absolutely improve your financial situations. Your passion is literally the stuff of miracles (and prosperity). Get it? Good. Have a wonderful and passionate week!

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