Reminding Yourself of Prosperity

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Thoughts are things and words have wings?” This phrase is the perfect expression of the principle of prosperity. How you think about and talk about your level of prosperity is what actually manifests in your life. How many times a week do you wistfully say to your companion, “Oh, I’d love take a break and go to Mexico, but it’s too expensive and I’ll never be able to afford it”? Or how many times do you sigh enviously when you see someone else who has what you want? Well, guess what? Every time you indulge in that kind of envious or hopeless thinking, you’re sealing your own fate! According to ancient teachings on prosperity, everything that we say, think or feel is recorded in the akashic records, and then manifested into our lives. If you think about your level of prosperity as a barometer, every time you feel hopeless or depressed about your lack of prosperity, you slide down the scale a notch toward poverty. On the other hand, every time you say, “Well, I’m not there yet, but I will be able to go to Mexico soon,” you zip up the scale toward prosperity.We always think that our level of prosperity depends on outer circumstances such as a promotion, winning the lottery, getting a better job, or some other stroke of luck. Wrong! Our personal level of prosperity always, always starts inside, with our thoughts, feelings and words.

Old habits, especially old habits of poverty, can be really hard to break, so here’s a quick way to remind yourself to be mindful. Each day, do something different to create a “prosperity reminder” for yourself. For instance, if you normally wear a ring on your middle finger, wear it on your index finger. The foreign sensation of the ring on a different finger will catch your attention and remind you that you’re supposed to be conscious of something. When you notice the ring, notice where your thoughts are. Are you depressed about your boring job or are you looking forward to something prosperous in your life, no matter how far away it may seem? You can also put a small stone in your pocket, put a rubberband around your wrist or wear a silver chain under your shirt. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you create a noticeable “prosperity reminder” for yourself. We recommend you practice this exercise for at least 40 days to really set that prosperity framework firmly in your life. Have fun!

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