Shiny Happy Pets

At one August Celebration, a gathering where many New Earth (formerly Cell Tech) distributors get together and swap health and business tips and success stories, Elinda McKenna talked about the benefits of New Earth (formerly Cell Tech) products for animals. Want to know her signature line for all her emails?

“My dog and cats don’t fart, they have clean teeth and gums, great, shiny coats and eyes and wonderful attitudes.”

If you’ve ever been in a room with a stinky dog you know how bad it can get. Stinky breath, farts and “dog smell” are all signs of poor health. Same for cats, horses and most four-leggeds. The key to having shiny happy pets is to make sure they stay clean both on the inside and the outside. Here’s how you get your pets from stinky to squeaky clean.

Clean on the Inside (New Earth Products to Feed)

  • Feed enzymes to help your pet digest his food – particularly commercial varieties.
  • Add probiotics for a healthy immune system, coat, and teeth/gums.
  • Give animals food algae for micronutrients including vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Offer antioxidants for sick, aging, or working animals to prevent free radical damage.

We’ve found that staying clean on the inside helps our pets stay clean (and stink-free) on the outside as well!

Read more or order New Earth products (formerly Cell Tech) online HERE.

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