Simple Can Be Prosperous

Living prosperously can be simple – literally. There is a spiritual law that says what occurs in one area of your life spreads to every other part of your life. One way to create prosperity in your life is to create the feeling of prosperity in just one area, then allow it to spread to the rest of your life.

It can be as simple as buying yourself a cup of latte once a week, getting a massage once a month or even taking a walk through the park every day. You don’t have to spend money to create a feeling of prosperity. You just need to pick something, anything, that makes you feel prosperous. Some people window shop while others enjoy an inexpensive fast food lunch in a glorious natural setting. Whatever you choose, create space in your life to really enjoy it. Feel as if it were something you could do anytime you chose – as if you had no limits on time or money.

The quality of your enjoyment in that moment of prosperity determines how quickly prosperity will manifest in all other areas of your life. If you really want to live prosperously, then dive into “acting as if” in the moment. Then, whenever you feel depressed or lacking in ordinary life, go back to that moment of pleasure and enjoyment – it will put you back into a space of prosperity. Good luck!

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