Stretching Towards Prosperity

These days it’s not unusual for people to have three, or even four, full careers in their lifetimes. More importantly, in this digital society concepts like telecommuting, home-based businesses and living on the road are the norm, and millions of people are exploring whole new ways of working. Are you contemplating a new career, tele-commuting or a home-based business? Does the leap into a new world of working seem perhaps a bit scary because of the potential income loss as you develop your new business?

If so, here’s some good news. You will never experience a permanent drop in income unless you consciously choose to. Our level of prosperity and income usually grows throughout our working lives, and each time we increase our income level, we raise the stakes. This causes us to stretch a little, grow a little and reach a new comfort level. This growth occurs on many levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We become accustomed to a new way of dressing, eat at fancier restaurants, spend money more easily and accept the flow of prosperity in our lives.

Because we stretch so many parts of ourselves (more than just our pocketbooks) when we move up the income ladder, we become different people so that a temporary change in circumstance will never result in a permanent loss of income.

Have you reached a high income level at one point in your life, stayed their briefly, then dropped back down to a lower income? Don’t worry. The fact that you reached that high income level indicates that you will be there again soon. One reason for the drop in income could be that you have not finished growing, stretching and getting comfortable at that level yet. If you just learn each lesson about money and prosperity as it comes your way, and appreciate what you have now, you will be at that high income level again.

Want to find out more ways to grow yourself as you grow your career options? Check out the Journey to Enlightened Wealth.

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