Super Blue Green Algae and Menopause

From: Anne

In response to the question (a while back!) about someone with very irregular menstrual cycle – I’d be sure to include probiotics – hormones (especially estrogen) are recycled by the intestinal flora -I read in Natasha Trenev’s Probiotics (the more recent version, not the book she wrote with Chaitov, although it might be in there too if you can still put your hands on that one) … that researchers have documented an 80-fold increase in fecal levels of estrogen when women go on antibiotics. (This was one study – and I don’t remember the antibiotic or antibiotics used, but I do remember being struck by the massive amount of estrogen no longer being reabsorbed and recycled.)

Christian D. also used to mention this effect of acidophilus – that it could help to make menopause symptoms milder, more gradual …

As usual, I bet there’s a difference in the ability of different strains of acidophilus to perform this function. Our strain, DDS-1, is very effective at things some of the less powerful strains can’t do. ( Paraphrasing NT, “Cheap acidophilus is no bargain.”)

Anne W.

From: Suzanne Killings

Re: endometriosis

I have someone in my downline who would suffer periodically from this problem and have to go on drugs, surgery was recommended but she was able to avoid it. She has been on the Simplexity (formerly Cell Tech) products for about 2 years and has not had a recurrence.

From: Suzanne Askey

Great news from one of my downline! Before she started with Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Alpha Sun, I asked her to rate how her menstrual cramps were. She said on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being bad and 5 being good, that her cramps were a 1/2!

After 3 months, I had her rate her menstrual cramps again, and I was thrilled to hear that the last month she had NO cramps at all! She told me she had no idea that she didn’t have to have “killer cramps”!

It’s so satisfying when people have these dramatic “can’t be denied” kind of results.

My cramps have also gone from being bad to very manageable, and many months I also have no cramps. With me I think it took about 4 months to get the relief.

Of course I’m not making claims of cure or treatment of disease.

Suzanne Askey

From: Carolyn

Hi Willow and all,
I started a woman on algae and she had not had a regular period in years. within the first month, everything was like clockwork again. she could hardly believe it. Carolyn

From: Jan Fitzpatrick

One of the women in my 2nd level had severe menopausal symptoms for 7 years. Hot flashes were the most obvious (she was sleep deprived by then). She called her sponsor after 1 week of Acidophilus and Enzymes and told her that her symptoms had disappeared in 2 days. She went off the Acidophilus and Enzymes and the symptoms recurred. She went back on the program and they went away. She was convinced.

Acidophilus produces hormones and B vitamins which are reabsorbed and may be part of the remarkable balancing her body did.

Kindest Regards, Jan

From: Vibrant Health

Subject: Perimenopause Symptoms

This is the very reason I started taking the Simplexity (formerly Cell Tech) products – almost 6 yrs. ago. Had been taking about 12-15 other things from a health food store (herbs, extra vitamins) and was not getting much relief. Our products took care of the mood swings, the hot flashes, depression and I got further relief by watching my intake of animal products, caffeine, and sugar.

Mary Hurst
Vibrant Health Resources

From: Lorna Tomko & Ray Slaninka

I found great relief from menopause symptoms with the basic sure start program (EAT now). I don’t know for sure but I believe it’s the EFA’s in the Omega and Alpha that made the difference. I drink a smoothie every morning too. Against the wishes of my MD, I stopped my HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I also changed my diet after I started eating the algae. I eliminated red meat then all meats, eliminated hydrogenated oils and added flaxseed oil to my Smoothie, added tofu and other soy products, and eat as much dark green leafy vegetables that I can. I still eat dairy occasionally but only purchase organic dairy products. The extreme mood swings are gone and I only occasionally have a mild, tolerable hot flash.

From: Anne

Hi everyone:

When I went on the algae my problems with Menopause dropped. I used Vitamin E for the hot flashes and was up to 3500 units a day. This was given to me by my husbands aunt as a way to control them. She is very health conscious, still have not got her taking the algae though. After being on the algae I was able to lower the E to 400 units a day and no hot flashes or menopause problems. I am in the process of having a bone density test again after 2 years. I had one and it showed the start of osteprosis ? I told the doctor I wanted to try something before doing the hormone therapy. I upped the algae, probiotics & enzymes, added sprouts & Algae, Co Q10, square meal bars and Calcium. I just did a liver flush lately and found the high amount of calcium does cause stones which I passed and quite large. I had done liver flushes before and never had that many or that large. Something to watch.

Have a Great Day!!

Pat Shoup

From: Trish Phelps

I have been dreading menopause for most of my adult life—my mom had such a bad time of it and over a long period of time. And I have worked with women going through menopause who were a real terror! But I have been on Simplexity (formerly Cell Tech) products for maybe 5 years now, and when menopause came, I didn’t notice, it was so silent! After a year of infrequent periods, I am free of them totally now and without any “side-issues” at all. I have as much energy as I ever have had, and am as active as I ever was. My youngest left home last fall, and even that didn’t overtraumatize me! I feel like I’m beginning a new life, as a matter of fact, and the transition has been fairly comfortable.

I include AS, OS, Enzymes, Super Q10, Acidophilis, and Smoothie Mix in my regimen. Oh, and I “crash and burn” working with my horses from time to time, so do alots of Super Sprouts and Algae to take care of my old and new injuries. The best pain-reliever that I’ve ever found! Also, I have avoided caffeine for the last 10 years.


From: Terri Trafton

When I started adding the algae to my diet in the summer of ’94 one of the first things that got my attention big time was the total elimination of all the monthly problems I had lived with and tried everything for over the years, ie. cramps, backache, starting and stopping that went on and on etc. Well, after 4 1/2 years on the algae I have now started menopause, suddenly. I was having hot flashes, not too bad. Decided to go to my doctor last month to have her check to verify and yes, my ferriton? levels confirmed it. She of course tried to convince me to go on Estrogen, gave me all the info, written by the drug companies. I thanked her, but no thanks, she still tried to convince me I didn’t need to put up with the hot flashes. She knows I am taking the algae and I informed her I was upping my flaxseed oil intake and getting back on Q10. She honestly admitted she didn’t have a clue.

Menopause started in Nov.’98, and it has been a month since I started this extra regime. I can’t remember the last hot flash I had and I feel great! I attribute it to the algae that I have faithfully taken every day and I just know that it will be a much easier time going thru Menopause now, than it would have been, because of all the problems I had pre-algae.

Wishing you all such great success!


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