Test Your Digestion

Many nutritionists will tell you that the digestive system is one of the most important systems for health and immunity. It’s at the core of our body’s ability to take in nutrients and get rid of waste, basically the “ins and outs” of the body. So keeping your digestion functioning well can be key to good health.

But how do you know whether your digestion is functioning well? We recently attended a healing seminar where the speaker, Devta Khalsa, gave us a great way to test the health of our digestive system. She told us that from an Ayurvedic point of view, the digestive system should clear itself every 18 to 24 hours (18 hours for a man and 24 hours for a woman). That means that any food entering the body should leave the body within that period of time.

OK, so how do you know how fast your digestion is? Devta gave us a great tip: eat beets! Beets have a distinctive red coloring that shows up when you eat them and when you process them through your system. Eat some beets and check your bowels. If they don’t turn red within 18 to 24 hours, you know that your digestion needs some help. What an easy tip to follow!

Devta then gave us a few tips for speeding up sluggish digestion:

  • Enzymes: 
    adding enzymes will increase the speed and efficiency of digestion.
  • Food Combining:
    certain foods go well together and others tend to hinder digestion.
  • Water:
    your digestion needs plenty of water to keep things moving.
  • Exercise:
    getting regular exercise keeps all the systems of the body moving well.
  • Probiotics: 
    these are the “friendly bacteria” called acidophilus and bifidus that live in the digestive tract and do much of the work of digestion.

To learn more about these and other healing techniques, order Devta’s ebook, “Energy Healing for Self and Others”.

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