The Big Three Causes of Aging

Did you know that the three major causes of aging are:

  • Cell and tissue damage from free radicals
  • Reduced immune response in the body
  • Enzyme depletion

Did you also know that all 3 of these causes of aging can be easily remedied with solid nutrition from natural whole foods? Powerful anti-oxidants like wheat sprouts and co-enzyme Q10 help the body fight off free radicals, while Beta-Glucan from brewer’s yeastacidophilus and sprouted greens help boost the body’s immune response. Adding extra enzymes is the simple solution to enzyme depletion.

Add in moderate exercise three times a week, plenty of fresh air and water, and some restful sleep and you’ll see the years falling away from your body. Your body replaces all of its cells about once a year so you get a brand new you – every year! To prevent aging, just add sound nutrition to support your body’s natural processes for health.

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