The “No Sweat” Approach to Lean Muscles

Lean muscles and a slim body. Boy does that sound good! How about this: “Build lean muscles and burn fat without breaking a sweat”? Sounds even better, right? If joining a gym and going on a diet is the last thing you want to do, hallelujah! There are hundreds of simple actions you can take to build lean muscle and burn fat as part of your daily routine.

Most of us sweat enough just trying to stay on top of our email and juggling all the activities of life without worrying about sweating on purpose at a gym. Don’t get me wrong – building up a really good sweat during a workout can be a real high! But if you can’t get to the gym and life is just too much at the moment, then check out these simple ways to build lean muscle while multi-tasking (of course!) everything else you need to get done during your day!

  • CHUG-A-LUG: You need to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day to stay healthy. Water can also help speed up your metabolism, plus it makes you feel fuller so you’re less likely to overeat during the day.
  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH: A recent Japanese study that included 14,000 subjects showed that men who brushed their teeth more often were leaner than men who did not. A minty-fresh mouth makes you less likely to overindulge between meals.
  • STRETCH: Make like a cat and stretch every time you get up out of your chair. In fact, stretch while you’re still in your chair. Stretching helps lengthen your muscles for a long lean look, plus it increases circulation, which reduces cellulite and fat buildup.
  • ADD PROTEIN: Your body needs protein as a building block for lean muscles. One of the best sources of protein, especially if you’re on the go, is AFA bluegreen algae. It has one of the highest percentages of protein of any food on earth and it’s incredibly simple to take. Read more or order online at Prosperity Abounds.
  • EZ EXERCISES: Exercise doesn’t just take place at the gym – it can happen at any time. The more you exercise the more lean muscle you will build. The more lean muscle you build, the more calories you will burn (every pound of lean muscle tissue burns 50 calories per day). Check out these simple and fun ways to incorporate exercise in your day:
    • Hold in your stomach muscles while waiting in line at the store
    • Take the stairs
    • Walk to your colleague’s office instead of calling her
    • Go window shopping
    • Pace while talking on the phone
    • Park far away at the shopping mall and walk a little further
    • Vacuum your house
    • Sing and dance in the shower
    • Take an extra lap around the grocery store
    • Laugh more
    • Can you think of a few more?

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