Top 10 Myths About Wealth

So you want to be wealthy, but you don’t know where to begin? You can start by busting through all the myths you have about wealth. In fact, at a recent wealth seminar we attended, we learned that our false beliefs about money and wealth are the primary factors that prevent us from being wealthy. To get you started, we’ve included our top myths about wealth below. See how many of them apply to you:

  1. You have to be born with it – Less than 7% of the world’s wealthiest people received an inheritance, and almost none received their total wealth this way.
  2. You have to have to degree in business or finance – As Robert Kiyosaki points out, education is not a guarantee of wealth. In fact, it’s often a hindrance because it keeps you from thinking as a wealthy person does.
  3. Wealth is something that happens to other people – Wealthy people knew they wanted wealth in their lives long before it manifested. You have to know you want it before it can occur in your life.
  4. You have to start out with a lot of money to make more money – Never underestimate the power of small amounts. Remember that investing a mere $50 a month for 30 years can result in a staggering $44, 449.64.
  5. You should do what your parents did – Unless you like where your parents ended up, don’t do what they did. Pick your role models based on the results they have achieved, not based on bloodlines.
  6. If you’re wealthy, you don’t have to watch your money – Wealthy people know more about how they spend every penny than almost anyone else. That knowledge helped them become wealthy.
  7. It’s too late to start now – It’s never, ever too late. Start now, today. The manana plan will not make you wealthy.
  8. I’ve tried it once or twice and it doesn’t work – Welcome to the club. Most wealthy people have at least 3 major mistakes and dozens of lesser failures under their belts before they become wealthy.
  9. More money will make it better – Unless you change the way you think about, save and spend money, more money will only make your problems bigger!
  10. Wealth is an impossible dream for me, and there’s no use in being unrealistic – Everyone is qualified to become wealthy. Desire and a dream are the first steps to wealth. Nothing is impossible!

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