Uses of Simplexity’s Super Blue Green Algae

Alpha Sun

Reprograms the DNA. Simplexity (formerly Cell Tech)’s algae from Upper Klamath Lake has its own stockpile or warehouse of DNA parts which it can make available to its host, us, at will. Because it has a glycogen, non-membranous cell wall, as it comes into contact with the cells of its host being, us in this case, it can “read” the information encoded in our cells directly, not having to resort to a coded language or interpretation. Through this process of “knowing,” it becomes aware of flaws in our genetic codes, or as I like to see it, contradictions in our consciousness. If then, it finds an agreement in our conscious awareness that we desire correction, it will then replace the aberrant DNA part with one perfectly suited to our chosen plan. This is a fancy way of saying that when we are ready to let go of old beliefs that do not serve our highest path, and then ask for help, the Alpha Sun can fulfill this mission in us.

Omega Sun

Enhances awareness and psychic communication skills. Omega Sun consists of an abundance of the smaller essential amino acids that can easily penetrate the brain barrier, and help create neuropeptides to facilitate our internal communication systems. Since SBGA is 65% protein, it is one of the finest sources of the entire range of amino acids, and by a seeming miraculous plan, these occur in the exact proportions needed for our optimum usage in Omega Sun algae. When our inner “listening” is thus enhanced, we operate from a heightened level of awareness and neural receptivity. This is ideal for psychic ability and outer communication, thus improving our relationship skills while making us available to new channels of experience and illuminating realities.


Enhances absorption of micro-nutrients – “we are what we eat” – very literally. This is so on a deeper level than most of us suspect. When we have the proper systematic nourishment in us of all the huge array of essential micro food factors, we become the miraculous nutrient and chemical factory that we are designed to be. Acidophilus of the most virulent strain is the agent which introduces these life giving raw materials for us at the cellular level. Working at the foundation of our chemical factory, only small amounts of micro-nutrients are needed to play the role of biogenetic potentiaters, prolonging and enhancing the quality of life in ways beyond our usual understanding. It is because of this, along with the consciousness of the algae, that it has been possible for people to live for up to two years on small amounts of SBGA alone, and be vibrantly healthy in all ways.


Rebuilds self esteem. When taken as a superior strain blended with SBGA, bifidus supplies for many of us what could be called a missing link. Those of us who were deprived at birth and in our first year and a half of life of this essential bacteria often feel like something is missing in us, even much later in our adult life. The role of bifidus is to provide for us our infant immune system protection and nourishment during that first most vulnerable stage of our life. As an infant, to us that protection represented a much larger picture: being safe, being cared for, acknowledgement, recognition, in short, our needs being met. The lack of this has notably left many of us with “holes in our souls” and issues about our self-worth, our value as beings, that can cause us to be unduly self-absorbed, mentally over-anxious, hyper-vigilant, unable to appreciate even constructive feedback, and in some cases, sleeplessness at night. Bifidus assists in healing all of these.

Digestive Enzymes and E-12 Super Enzymes

Understanding and appreciating our experiences. Just as digestive enzymes assist us in the assimilation of our food, they can be of even greater value in gaining optimum value from our incoming impressions and experiences. To have an experience is one thing. To know how to use it is another step toward wisdom. However, there is still another benefit. When we eat food rich in digestive enzymes, they alert our bodies that nourishment is incoming, and a signal is transmitted throughout the digestive system, starting in the mouth, to prepare the way for digestion and assimilation. The same “trigger” phenomena occurs in us for our process of understanding. “Clear” space is created, a quieting of the mind’s function so that the higher inner being, our spirit consciousness, can be contacted and communicated with. Our experience becomes alive with a deeper sense of meaning. Could it be that this explains the reason that so many spiritual orders prefer to eat in silence?

Super Co-Enzyme Q10

Nourishes spirit and replenishes joy. The role of CoQ10 in our bodies is to activate the energy production part of us, the mitochondria in each and every cell in our body. Our greatest store house of CoQ10 is in the muscle tissue of the heart, and CoQ10 revitalizes the heart itself. In Chinese medicine, the heart is the kingdom of the shen, our true spirit. It is said in ancient texts that when the shen is properly nourished and undisturbed our bodies and minds, our beingness, is properly guided by our shen and we can easily maintain inner control. Our lives are in balance. Also the positive emotion of the heart is joy, whereas out of harmony, the heart expresses lack of joy, which we in present times often refer to as depression or anxiety. So when the heart is richly nourished, so is the shen, and we in turn benefit by having an abundance of joy.

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