Using the Laws of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and Allowing

While there are as many spiritual paths as there are books and methods on manifestation, you can really boil all of them down into three basic laws. These three basic laws are the foundation of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks (to find out more, visit their website at If you can understand and begin to apply these three laws to your daily life, you will be amazed at what you are able to manifest. These laws are:

Law of Attraction

We attract everything that manifests in our lives. No being or situation can ever inflict anything on us and we can never be victims. We are the creators of our own reality. Whatever we put our attention on automatically manifests in our lives. The Universe must, by universal law, deliver to us that which we focus on. If we feel and think about well-being, prosperity, love, abundance, joy and inspiration, we will fill our lives with those very things. If our attention is drawn to the evening news that highlights the starvation in Africa, the viruses being spread or terrorism, we will attract events of similar tone into our lives. We are the only creators of our personal realities. If we examine the primary content of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we will find them to be an exact match to the situations, people and events in our lives.

Law of Deliberate Creation

Because we are the creators of our own reality, we can be deliberate about what we create. Here’s a great daily exercise from Abraham-Hicks to help you become a deliberate creator.

  1. Set aside a quiet time each day to do this exercise. Once you choose the time, do this exercise at the same time each day.
  2. Draw a line down the middle of a blank sheet of paper.
  3. At the top of the left column, write “Universe” and the top of the right column, write “Me.”
  4. In the left column, write all the things you would like the Universe to do for your today. These might include asking the Universe to help you with something you must do today but don’t feel like doing, or asking the Universe to take care of something beyond your control. Anything can go on this side of the list.
  5. In the right column, write two or three things you really want to do today. This is not a to-do list, so don’t make a list of all the things you HAVE to do – only the things you really want to do.
  6. Release control and responsibility for all the items in the left column. You have now handed responsibility for these to the Universe, so you are free of that responsibility. Consider the Universe to be a highly capable general manager who takes care of your every whim with great efficiency! Just do the things that you listed in the right column.
  7. Do this exercise for at least 30 days in a row, and see what delicious realities manifest for you!

Law of Allowing

This is perhaps the most difficult of the three laws for us to grasp. The law of allowing states that the Universe always delivers everything we ask for, but we are not always able to receive these gifts. For instance, if we ask for abundance but continually worry about the lack of money, we are actually preventing the Universe from bringing us abundance because our vibration of worry is not a match for the vibration of abundance. Therefore, to receive all the gifts of the Universe, we must ask for what we want, then act as if we have already received these gifts. We have to think and feel (and the feeling part is very important) as if we were already abundant. Using whatever tools we can summon, including our very useful imagination, we always look for the thought that feels better when we feel negative. For instance, if you find yourself worrying about money, stop a moment and dig around in your memory or your imagination for the thought that feels better. If the thought, “My money is coming to me” makes you feel better, then go with that thought. If a thought about a pleasant exchange you just had with a close friend makes you feel better, go with that thought. Be persistent in looking for the thought that feels better until you find it. The thought doesn’t have to make you feel 100% better, just better than the worry. Then, look for the next thought that feels even better. Use this method to take yourself step by step to feeling good, then great. Then watch the Universe really deliver to you!

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