Your Fitness: Why the South Beach Diet Is Not Working in South Beach

Are you a devotee of the South Beach diet when it comes to your fitness? Lots of people who don’t live in South Beach (Miami, FL) are having good experiences with this diet phenomenon, but not the people in South Beach. According to the latest “Men’s Fitness” magazine, Miami is the fattest city in the U.S. That’s a big shocker considering that most people think that Miami is bikini-body central.

Not so. According to the report, Miami residents are the fattest because they watch too much TV, suffer from air pollution (which makes outdoor activities difficult), and eat lots of fast food. Miami has almost three times as many fast food restaurants as most average cities. It’s no wonder that the South Beach diet doesn’t work in South Beach.

Of course, you might have the same problem as Miami residents with the level of your fitness even if you don’t live there. Americans are getting fatter, not thinner. According to the organization Obesity in America, approximately 62 percent of female Americans are considered overweight and 67 percent of males are the same. Folks, that’s a serious majority and not a good factoid about our country.

But don’t despair! Keeping fit is not as hard as you think. Here are five fast ways you can take care of your fitness without driving yourself around the fit.

1. Do the South Beach Diet
Even though the residents of South Beach are not using this diet doesn’t mean that you should not. Find a diet plan to which you can commit and use it as a guideline for making food choices. Or, if you are lousy at sticking to diets, consider pre-packaged diet plans that are delivered to your door. The convenience of this kind of diet plan can make a huge difference to your fitness.

2. Buddy Up to Eat Smart
If eating out provides you not only with calories but also good company and conversation with friends, buddy up with your friends to eat smarter. Instead of eating at the Greasy Spoon around the corner, how about meeting at a Russian Tea House for healthier snacks and better ambiance? You still get good food and good friends without trashing your fitness plan.

3. Reward Yourself for Good Behavior
Money motivates. Try this plan: every time you complete a workout or make a smart food choice, drop a couple dollars into a jar at home. At the end of the month, treat yourself to a luxurious chair massage, reflexology session, or hair appointment. Reward yourself for your fitness efforts.

4. Pop Some Pills
We live in a pill-popping society and that can work in your favor. Need some help avoiding junk food? Pop a pill, but not just any pill. Feed your body with some really dense whole food nutrition and you’ll experience fewer food cravings, especially for junk foods. Some good options include¬†blue-green algae, seaweed, and even soy protein pills. If you don’t think pills can be good for your fitness plan, think again. New whole-food pills that will really boost your energy and lessen your cravings are hitting the market all the time.

5. Get the Bare Naked Truth
There’s a definite “uggh” factor in this tactic. If you are heavier than you want to be but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to change your fitness and eating habits, then strip down naked and stand in front of the mirror. Turn on all the lights and take a good look at yourself. The bare naked truth often hits home at this point. Now the motivational juices are really moving. Strike while the iron is hot and get moving on a fitness plan. If necessary, strip naked again if you feel weak and feel the need to reach for the doughnut. This is the same type of strategy used on shows like “The Biggest Loser,” even though the participants got to keep most of their clothes on!

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