Have the best immunity you can.

Primary reasons for poor immunity:

  • Unhealthy gut (70-80% of our immune system is in the gut)
  • Weak immune response
  • Lack of key nutrients
  • Stress and aging

KICKSTART your immune system with Essentials and Defend.

Natural palm leaf
Boost your immunity

These Products Help You Be SAFE:

  1. 1 Support a healthy gut for power immunity
  2. 2 Activate a strong immune response
  3. 3 Feed the body with key nutrients for immune support
  4. 4 Empower the body to cope with stress and aging

The SAFE Approach Strengthens Your Body’s Natural Immunity.


With Essentials and Defend you get 30 days of:

  • WGP Beta Glucan
  • 6 Immuno-Supportive Mushrooms
  • Wild AFA Bluegreen Microalgae
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics (acidophilus and bifidus)
  • Enzymes (15 types)

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