New Earth

Looking for Simplexity Health or Cell Tech Products? Now it’s called New Earth.

Simplexity Health is now called New Earth. When the company changed names October, 2013, some of the product names were also changed. You are still getting the same quality bluegreen algae as before, only the name has changed. To help you find the products you are used to ordering, below is a chart that will give you the new names of the products with a name change and those that have been discontinued.

Previous Name
New Product Name
Alpha Sun Blue Green AlgaeWild Bluegreen Body
Omega Sun Blue Green AlgaeWild Bluegreen Mind
Simply SBGAWild Algae Blend
SBG ZymesEnzymes
SBG Zymes PlusEnzymes +
APA BlendEssentials Blend
APA Blend PlusEssentials Blend +
Super Q10Energize

Products That Have Been Discontinued

  • Super Sun Smoothie
  • ImmuSun
  • Osteosun
  • Planet Food
  • Super Sprouts and Algae – See Wild Earth for a sprout supplement option
  • BG Bars
  • BioAgile
  • Wild Forest
  • Wild Water

You may notice a difference in the quantity of capsules in Enzymes, Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Spectrabiotic products. The new formulations of these products are more potent, and where you would have taken 2 capsules before, only 1 is needed to get the same amount now.

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