If your answer to any or all of these 4 questions is “yes,”
this could be the chance you have been waiting for!

Listen to our audio. The Secret to Sustainable Income, a short audio file that introduces you to the benefits of the network marketing opportunity.

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Get Started and Save 20 Percent

Ready to Earn a Solid Income in This Economy?

Give People What They Want in a Business That:

Pays You Well – Has a Low Overhead – Offers Health and Wealth for You and Yours

What Do People Want?
Food and nutrition that are wild, natural, organic, superfoods, whole foods.

What people do not want: empty foods and empty promises, mediocrity and artificially altered foods. Plus the marketplace reflects this shift with an explosion of interest in healthy eating, organic foods, and special attention to superfoods such as blue green algae, beneficial mushrooms, and more.

We Have What People Want!
The economy is another sore spot. People are discovering that the old employment model is broken. With the current economic crisis, people are actively looking for new streams of income and ways to earn income. Network marketing tops the list as a new way to make a solid income. Before the economic downturn, network marketing represented a $117 billion global industry. During the economic crisis, while other industries shrank, network marketing grew into a $153 billion industry, and continues to grow.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar to You?
If so, you are in the right place at the right time.

A Balanced Plan for Solid Sustainable Growth

Offering life-changing product is a must in any business, but that’s only half the story.You also need a compensation plan that matches the uncompromising excellence of the products—and you get that with us.The plan is simple, clear, and simple.The plan empowers you to:

  • Build significant and immediate cash flow as a brand new networker
  • Create lifelong residual income as a career networker
  • Be paid at all levels of the business
  • Receive paychecks this month, next month, and for a lifetime

The Best Business Tools in the Business Built Just for You

Let us help you do the heavy lifting with the best business tools in the industry.Whether you are a social media maven or want to communicate with your group with mobile apps, we have the tools and technology to support your success.

From web-based real-time reporting on your group to action items alerts that tell you—step-by-step—exactly what you need to do to maximize your payout, you’ll find all these tools and more in your back office.You’ll get traditional support, too. One-on-one upline training, training calls, three-way calls, nutritional consultations, and much more.

Very Simply, You Will Be Getting the Best Resources in the Business!


This plan is equally powerful and sustainable whether you are mostly interested in business or the products, are new or a career networker, and want to network part-time or full time.


The Bottom Line
New Earth gives you the whole package with life-changing nutritional products and a business plan that is an unstoppable engine for financial growth. But being a networker isn’t just about the products or the payout. It is about living life to the fullest!

  • Build your future while having fun
  • Travel to exotic locales
  • Work and play with an amazing community of like-minded people
  • Grow every aspect of yourself
  • Impact and give to the world around you

Sound good to you? Then…