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(formerly Simplexity Health/Cell Tech)

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Many of New Earth's products have special certifications, such as organic, kosher, halal... Click here for complete list.


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New Earth products also feature medicinal mushrooms.
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wild bluegreen body

Blue Green Algae
Rich in phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other micronutrients.

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Product Combos
Money saving product combos for immunity, antioxidant power and more!

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essentials enzymes

Digestion & Internal Cleansing
Enzymes, acidophilius, bifidus, gentle internal cleansers and more.

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   wild earth

Immunity and Longevity
Products for immunity, energy support, and long life (herbal combinations).

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bg bar

Drinks & Bars
Smoothie drink mix, nutrition bars and weight loss solutions.

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essentials blend

Algae for Animals
Nourish your animals with rich, organic algae products.

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NutraBeautiful Antioxidant Lotion with WGP Beta Glucan
Antioxidant Lotion for skin care.

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  edge packets

For Athletes & People with Active Lifestyles
Edge products are whole superfoods created to nourish and protect your body from the stress of workouts and active lifestyles.

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wild earth

Wild Superfoods To Power Your Life
Wild presents three powerful new superfoods, all organic, and bringing you the wild elements of nature.

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give donation

Charity & Giving
Help impoverished and undernourished children, adults, and animals around the world through our Give initiative.

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Prosperity Abounds is dedicated to distributing the best organic, wild, whole foods
(based on Super Blue Green Algae) from New Earth (formerly Simplexity Health/Cell Tech).

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