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To get the Preferred Customer price, you need to have a Subscription (products shipped to you automatically) of at least $50 in product value in addition to your first order. Your subscription can be

  • Monthly
  • Every other month
  • Quarterly

Preferred Customer orders of $150 or more will receive free shipping. If this is your first order as a PC customer, please set up your subscription order FIRST before proceeding with the order you want to place for today. Your subscription order will not be charged until it is scheduled to ship out. If your subscription order is not for at least $50 in products, then you will be signed up as a retail customer and the retail prices will apply.

(If you do not choose products for subscription with your first order, you will be set up with a quarterly subscription order for the same products as on your current order. You will be notified of this by email and will need to contact us to change or cancel the subscription if you do NOT want one or want different products on it. If you cancel the subscription, New Earth will then change your order status to Retail Customer. You can change your status back to Preferred Customer at any time by setting up a Subscription). If you already have a subscription and this is not your first time to order as a PC, you will be able to let us know that during the checkout process.

Returning Customer

Shipping showing in cart is an estimate only and if your state has applicable taxes those will not show in the cart. A confirmation email with the final total will be sent after the order is processed with exact shipping and applicable taxes included.