Ready to save 20% on New Earth products plus potentially earn an solid income in any economy?

Then just fill in the few data fields below and we’ll get you started! For new Associates, there is a $50 one time fee (currently $29) to sign up as an Associate, this will be added to your first order. It will not show up in the cart for your order today, but will be added to the credit card total for your first order. Then an annual fee of $20 will be due on your renewal date each year.

Current Associate Special: If you place an order of at least $150 for your first order as an Associate and have at least one auto ship that can be one, two, or three months later, you will get free shipping and the Associate fee and  Associate kit will be free.

As a New Earth Associate, your enrollment order must include an Associate Kit. Please sign up as an Associate using the form below before placing your order for today. You will be asked for your tax ID# or SS# since you are registering as Business Associate.


Sign Up as a New Earth Business Associate

  • Ordering as an Associate allows you to earn commissions from purchases of other people who join your group. Therefore, a social security number or Tax ID number is required. We will not ship your order until we have this number from you. Thanks!