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The Benefits of Acidophilus
by Alan Joel

Acidophilus is often called "nature's antibiotic" because it plays such a vital role in our immune systems. Acidophilus is a form of friendly bacteria that lives in our small intestine and is necessary for proper digestion and a healthy immune system. Stress antacids, antibiotics, processed foods, pesticides, chlorine in drinking water, and high-fat, high-protein diets are all factors that destroy the Acidophilus in our system.

When we don't have enough Acidophilus we get sick - everything from the common cold to indigestion, skin problems and allergies. To stay healthy, avoid the insulting habits mentioned above and replenish the Acidophilus in your system every day. For the most potent and effect strain of Acidophilus (the Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain), order online:

Order Acidophilus Online

When you feel yourself start to get sick, take 10-20 Acidophilus at once with pure water, then 2-4 every 2 hours. The quantity of Acidophilus gives your immune system incredibly strong support!



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