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Clean Up Your Act With Enzymes
by Alan Joel

Enzymes are great at cleaning up our systems. If you want to stay healthy and vibrant this winter season, make sure you use enzymes. Here are a few great ways to use them:

  • Take at Meals:
    Enzymes help digest your food, so you won't have any stomach upsets or after lunch drowsiness.
  • Take Enzymes Between Meals:
    To really clean up your blood, lymph and other systems, take enzymes between meals. When there's no food in your stomach to digest, enzymes will go out on patrol in different areas of the body, cleaning up waste, toxins and excess fat.
  • Use Enzymes as a Facial Mask:
    Enzymes do such a great job cleaning up that they make a great facial mask that really cleans out your pores. Just mix enzymes with a little non-chlorinated water to form a paste, then apply to your face. Wait a few minutes (don't let the mask dry completely) then wash off with warm water. Presto - a very clean face!
  • Brush Your Teeth:
    If you ever find yourself on the road without toothpaste, just brush with enzymes. Sprinkle some on your toothpaste and brush away. The great thing is that the enzymes will continue to work for hours after you finish brushing, getting all the food particles you may have missed.

These are just a few of the ways you can use enzymes for strong, vibrant health. To order New Earth enzymes, visit





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